“What are we trying to do?? Shit, I guess put plainly, we just want to create the items we wish you could already buy. As played as it sounds, Tess and I generally just buy used vintage clothing because it has that feel and tells a story about a time maybe slightly forgotten or just out of mind. I Dream For You is just that. It’s ‘us’ creating & dreaming up individual pieces that can hopefully remain kinda timeless for you guys and girls. Inspired by the 70s through to the 2000’s, we feel it’s about those key items. That one perfect pair of thrash-able jeans. That silk shirt that fits and shines just right. That dress you can always rely on whether it’s for work or for a wild night out. The world runs faster than ever these days - especially in fashion and we feel like slowing it downnn.

It’s like an aesthetic or a ‘feel’.. it’s like you can’t put it into words but it exists. A feel you get from an image or a film.. a time and a place. We want you to feel this through our clothes and through our imagery.

We searched for years and scratched around the globe to find the right people to work with on this project. It’s been hard because we want to offer really high quality, long lasting items that are sustainably made but also keep the price point to where almost anyone can still buy it. That’s a hard equation to navigate these days.. but we feel we have done it.. And this is only the beginning of this story. Be sure to ride with us... I promise you’ll f$#k with it.”

Rob Tilbury & Tess Corvaia - IDFY founders.

Gold Coast, Australia.

Rob Tilbury and Tess Corvaia - IDFY founders